A Chat with Jon Brockman's Cell-Phone Adversary

In case you missed it, the Huskies beat WSU on Saturday to win their first outright Pac-10 championship since 1953, triggering the celebration pictured at left. That night, on his Twitter feed, Husky star Jon Brockman posted the phone number of a fan he said had called him 25 times the night before:

Requesting all dawg fans to call (208) 625 0872 and tell him about the husky win......he called me 25 times last night.....let him have it!

We spoke with the offending caller this morning.

James Monsey is a senior in construction management at WSU. He says he was partying on Friday night with some friends, one of whom "had gone to high school with [Brockman] or met him at a party" and got his number.

So the group called the power forward--repeatedly. "We were just trying to keep him from sleeping," explains Monsey. Most of the time, they weren't even taunting Brockman. "We'd just call and set the phone aside" while continuing to drink and hang out. They'd also send text messages. Monsey says the phone never stopped ringing, though they suspect Brockman set it to silent.

Brockman ended up pulling down a career-high 18 rebounds in the game, and then posted Monsey's number. Since then, Monsey says he's received somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 calls, and has made a point to answer all of them, which often surprises the callers. "They're just like, 'uh, Jon Brockman told me to call.'"

Monsey says that if WSU beats UW in the Pac-10 tournament (which would have to occur in the championship game) "I'm gonna post his number and have everyone call him."

Update: Bob Condotta spoke about the episode with Brockman, who seems to have taken it in stride.

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