GOP's Web Guru Moves Back to Seattle

The Republican National Committee's head techie, Cyrus Krohn, announced today that he's moving back to the "GOP safe-haven of Seattle." Krohn, who lived here when he was publisher of Slate some years back, spent the last two years as the RNC's "e-campaign director," coordinating the online effort to get John McCain elected president. Krohn leaves the job swinging. In a post on the Website of the non-profit e-Voter Institute, he declares: "the perception that the GOP is woefully behind online and can't catch-up is the blog-flogging of political simpletons."

Despite the jab, Krohn is a supremely affable guy and a moderate. He says in his post that he was invited to so many Obama inauguration events that he must be in competition to be the Democrats' "favorite Republican." He cites the Democratic celebrity blogger Arianna Huffington as a longtime friend and liberal journalist Michael Kinsley, whom he worked with at Slate, as his mentor. So it will be interesting to watch his political profile here.

Krohn told me last year that he planned to move back here when the campaign was over to start some kind of business that combined politics and technology. He seems to be leaning more toward the politics end of that equation. Talking to The Washington Post today, he said he was thinking of running for office. Which? He didn't say.

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