Giant Red Dots Plague Burke-Gilman Trail!


What to do they mean? They represent bicycles counted last fall in a joint project between the state Dept. of Transportation and Cascade Bicycle Club. WSDOT posted the results earlier this year, as part of something called the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project. This is different than past city counts (also in conjunction with the CBC), where stations are scattered throughout the city. Here, the focus was statewide. Unsurprisingly, the highest volume of cyclists was observed along the interurban bike trails in the U District and up in Bothell, and at the city's many bridges. In its statistical analysis, the report projects 3,000 cyclists cross the Fremont Bridge every day. The state's goal is to double bike and pedestrian use over the next 20 years, which means they're going to need some bigger red dots.

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