Garfield Messenger Does Epic Feature on Tony Wroten

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Thanks to Seth Kolloen for introducing us to Garfield student Marie Dohrs' 6,000 word profile of Tony Wroten Jr., the Garfield hoop star and top national recruit who nearly had to transfer to Rainier Beach or Renton as the result of some in-depth sleuthing by the cash-strapped Seattle school district.

Wroten is viewed as a surefire future NBA star--one coach who watched both of them says Wroten was better at age 15 than was LeBron James. Brandon Roy says Wroten is "way better than I ever was at his age."

Chronicling Wroten's freshman year (he's now a sophomore), Dohrs does a great job of showing how his life combines the protective grooming of a future millionaire--his parents try to shield him from/teach him to identify leeches and gold-diggers--with the ordinary melodramatic ridiculousness of adolescence. It's an entertaining read.

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