If there is one thing that I will detest about the decline of the printed newspaper and the rise of the blogosphere is the lack


Enough About the T.O. Rumors

If there is one thing that I will detest about the decline of the printed newspaper and the rise of the blogosphere is the lack of credibility and adherence to good old fashioned gumshoe reporting.

Driving around Seattle today and listening to KJR AM sports radio (it's just too damn depressing to tune into political talk radio these days what with the economic disaster instigated by the Obama Administration) I was treated, along with fellow listeners, to a theory that the Seattle Seahawks might be interested in acquiring Terrell Owens, the over-hyped, butter-fingered and malignant team cancer who was finally removed from the colon of the Dallas Cowboys.

That's right. T.O. In a Seahawks uniform.

The only trouble is, there's no basis or substance to the rumor. KJR host Dave "Softy" Mahler was referencing an article in a completely unknown blog called Bleacherreport.com (which with any luck, this will be the last time SW links to it). The red meat of the report comes in the lede paragraph.

Fueled by speculation from the NFL Network's Adam Shefter and others, rumors are swirling among Seattle Seahawks fans that the team might have an interest in contacting the agent for Terrell Owens, who was cut last night by the Dallas Cowboys.

When the news broke that the Cowboys were dumping the receiver who had the second-most dropped passes in the NFL last year, the thought did pass through this writer's head about what the 6'4" emotional train-wreck would look like in Seahawks blue.

What with the team's receiving corps resembling a receiving corpse last season, and GM Tim Ruskell pursuing - and acquiring - high-priced free agents like T.J. Houshmandzadeh, it would seem logical to at least take a gander at the league's most infamous abbreviated pass catcher.

The thought lasted about four seconds.

Here's a reminder to any out-of-state blogger or any other chowder-head who suggests that T.O. would be a good fit.

Monday Night Football, October 14, 2002. The Sharpie Incident. Owens burned CB Shawn Springs for a touchdown pass. And then in a show of good sportsmanship, produced a Sharpie pen out of his sock and signed the TD ball in the end zone.

Being as big of a Seahawks fan as they come, there is no way that Owens should ever, ever walk onto the turf at Qwest Field in a home jersey.

Getting back to this posts original thesis, with the demise of the P-I in its current form, as a journalist and newspaper reader, there is the fear that good old-fashioned straight-up reporting is going (and has been) replaced by a bunch of anonymous amateurs who are only out there to gin up hits and page views on their websites.

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