Over at Slog, ex-SW reporter Erica C. Barnett (pictured at left, expressing her displeasure in an Annie Lebovitz photo shoot for Vanity Fair) isn't backing off a small clump of b.s. she peddled yesterday regarding the James Donaldson campaign. Here, she claims Donaldson, the ex-Sonic who's exploring runs for both mayor and city council (and, if elected, might be the tallest elected official ever to reign over a U.S. municipality), "dumped" consultant Christian Sinderman "months ago."

That's not true, says Sinderman, who asserted as much both to me and in the comment thread of ECB's post. (Sinderman left the Donaldson campaign due to a potential conflict of interest -- he works for Nickels too -- only when JD officially decided to explore tha mayoral run, which was, like, yesterday.) Still, Barnett is standing by the "dumped" scenario, citing the fact that Sinderman hasn't been on JD's payroll for awhile. Having worked on various political campaigns in former lives (including one with Sinderman himself, in the interest of full disclosure), I don't take that to be a surefire signifier of "dumped" status, as consultants often get paid on a need-the-dough basis. But that's ECB's story, and she's stickin' to it!

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