Doug Wrenn's Broken Hoop Dreams Revisited

A couple months ago, we lamented the death of former O'Dea and UW star Doug Wrenn's basketball career> Wrenn had just been convicted of second-degree felony conviction for allegedly pulling a gun in a traffic dispute. Now he's appealing that conviction, and he tells his side of the story--it was a cell-phone, not a gun, he says--to the Times' Percy Allen (who actually covered Wrenn in high school).

The appeal would seem to keep his career window open a crack, but really, regardless of its outcome, Wrenn's high-level playing days are probably done. He hasn't picked up a ball in months, and there's not much of a market for 30-year-old leapers recovering from torn calf muscles.

He joins the long list of coulda-been-contenders, from Ed Roy to Arthur Agee, William Gates, and the late Curtis Gates in in Hoop Dreams to countless others. Sic transit gloria, as Max Fischer and the Romans would say, which is a good thing to remember the next time you college hoop fans look to come down on a kid who wants to turn pro early. Ballers should get dollars while they can.

One final regret to Wrenn's saga: he came up before YouTube. I played against him when he was only 16 and can attest to the cartoonish athleticism he possessed even then. His dunks deserved an audience, then and now. It's sad that they've disappeared.

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