Don't Underestimate Dan Savage; After All, He's the Reason Greg Nickels Is Mayor

Dan Savage, editorial director of the Stranger, has announced that he just may run for mayor because he's fed up--fed up!--with the pussy politicians who refuse to take on the incumbent, who was first elected in 2001.

Some of you may scoff at this as nothing but another publicity stunt. But you would be wrong to underestimate Mr. Savage. After all, he and his newspaper are the reason why Greg Nickels is in office in the first place.

You don't believe me? It's true. We have it from the sex columnist's own potty mouth.

In a hard-hitting 2003 interview with (sample: Q: You're also the editor of The Stranger--how do you think you do at that? A: I think I do really well at it.), Dan let readers know about the tremendous political influence his publication wields in this town.

He and the interviewer discussed a recent election in which Seattleites voted down a proposed coffee-drink tax and approved a measure making marijuana busts a low priority for the SPD.

"Did the Stranger have a part in that?" asked the interviewer.

A. We stumped like hell for it. The Stranger does advocacy journalism, and for the politicians we like we stump like hell for them. The mayor of Seattle is the mayor of Seattle because of us. He won by 1,500 votes, and we put him on the cover and people voted for him.
Great job, Dan! Thanks for all your hard work. And kind of you to agree to run for mayor now. As they said about that other cause you were high on at the time (invading Iraq): If you break it, you own it.
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