Doesn't Anyone Want to Run for County Council?

The King County Executive's race is heating up. Dow Constantine's campaign says he's raised about $50,000 since announcing his candidacy. Larry Phillips quickly pointed it out when Constantine once ducked out of a meeting early. And of course there's still rampant speculation about who else might get in the race (paging Ross Hunter).

But move down to the council member races--Bob Ferguson, Julia Patterson, Pete Von Reichbauer, Reagan Dunn and Kathy Lambert are all up for re-election this year--and apparently no one wants anything to do with it.

Over on the city government side, 14 people have filed with the Secretary of State to run for the city council positions, at least two of which will be vacant. Two people--David Wolbeck and Norman Sigler--filed to oppose to Greg Nickels for his mayoral seat. Two other potentially heavier hitters have both declined to run against him. Tim Burgess went so far as to file with the Secretary of State's office but said last month he's out. And this weekend Nick Licata declared his intention to run for re-election, saying in a press release:

I feel my role as a legislator, writing the laws that govern our city, is the one that suits me best. And while I had considered working on a national level, as a Councilmember I will continue bringing other municipal officials together to work with the new Obama administration towards the improvement of our long neglected cities.

I'm sure Obama has Licata on speed dial.

So while the mayoral race isn't exactly a barn burner, Nickels does at least have some competition. But those five open county council seats? Not a challenger in sight. Come on people, sitting on the council was what launched both Sims and Locke to their executive posts and later Obama-appointee glory. Nickels did a stint there before becoming mayor. This is where dreams are made.

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