Conan O'Brien Sighting at F.X.!!!!

I just ducked into F.X. McRory's, hoping to eat in the bar area. Only when I got there, the bar area was filled with green-clad Irish Week Proclamation Luncheon celebrants, among them King County Executive candidate Dow Constantine and Evening Magazine's John Curley. But the biggest guest of them all came in the form of Conan O'Brien, we confirmed on our way out the door.

Constantine told us he'd be arriving soon after we showed up. But then Dow had to leave for a Teamsters meeting in Tukwila, and my companion and I were seated at a table in the dining room. On our way out, one of owner Mick McHugh's nephews confirmed that O'Brien had indeed made a 10-minute appearance in the bar while we were scarfing down our Stellas and fries a couple rooms away. Lest anyone think it's weird that the late-night host would duck into an event in Seattle, remember: His wife's from here, and they exchanged vows at St. James Cathedral.

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