Candid Column: Go 2 Goes, Returns

As we said earlier, it sounded like P-I sports columnist Jim Moore was signing off for good when his paper's print edition folded last week. Moore thought so, too, he writes today. "When I wrote what I thought was my final column last week, I thought I was done, cooked, adios amigos. Then this freelance offer came up, and I'm grateful my new editor sees the same value in Husky-bashing, dog-loving, fluff-filled columns that the Go 2 Guy does." He and fellow sports columnist Art Thiel are writing two free-lance columns a week for the ePI, Moore says. "Thiel and I will write columns like we have in the past, just not as frequently. His will be thought-provoking and insightful, and mine won't. This is my promise to you -- just because I'm a freelancer doesn't mean I won't continue to give you the same slacker effort you've come to expect."

Moore was so certain he'd split the P-I sheets that he suffered through an exit interview on his last day, he notes. "Mine was conducted by a nice woman from the Houston Chronicle who cringed when she heard I was 51 and had 4-year-old twins. Shockingly, she did not seem envious; nor was I -- I've been there many times; she can have Houston." BTW, "If you've never been to an exit interview, it's not pleasant. You can't help but feel like a loser, though I've occasionally felt like that when I was employed, too."

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