So you need an item to go on your knick-knack shelf alongside that Barack Obama commemorative plate and jar of Mount St. Helens ash? Initiative


Buy Tim Eyman's Schrammie on eBay


So you need an item to go on your knick-knack shelf alongside that Barack Obama commemorative plate and jar of Mount St. Helens ash? Initiative barker Tim Eyman is auctioning off his recently awarded "Schrammie" on eBay that he was given for "dancing on the grave" of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Last week, we shared a mass e-mail Eyman sent to his "thousands of supporters" and cc'd to the state's ever diminishing collection of media types about his take on the paper's demise. This attitude did not sit square with Ken Schram of KOMO TV.

For almost three years, Schram has given a bobblehead doll, crafted in his own image, as backhanded award to a veritable rogue's gallery of people and institutions he felt has committed harm to the region.

Last week's Schrammie went to Eyman. And by doing this, Schram scored an own goal by throwing the B'rer Rabbit of Washington state politics into the briar patch.

In order to stick it to a "liberal loudmouth", and to raise a little scratch to promote I-1033, his lower property tax initiative, Eyman's put the Schrammie on the auction block.

"Schram throws you lemons and you make lemonade out of it," Eyman says.

Far from being dissuaded by the scorn, Eyman is making the most out of this additional media attention. Which should come as no surprise. As of this writing, there have been thirty bids on the item, ratcheting the price up to $601. A dinner with Eyman and his cortege is being thrown in for the winner and the top ten bidders.

We going Sizzler. We going Sizzler.

The ad is under eBay's "Collectibles, Decorative Collectibles and Militaria" category. We're seeking expert opinion whether it counts as a collectible or a "militaria". But at any rate, a keyword search of "Schrammie" gets you to the ad.

The bidding ends on April 2. Eyman said he was hoping to have the auction conclude on April Fool's Day, but wasn't able to post the item fast enough for it to fall on that special of special dates.

"You have to be a humorless liberal not to see the humor in this," Eyman said, not even bothering to contain his glee. "The real test will be whether or not he has me on his show on April 2."

Schram is a co-host of "The Commentators" on KOMO 1000 AM radio.

Now why anyone would want to drop that much coin on a Ken Schram bobblehead (autographed by Eyman) is a puzzle. Except that he is kind of taken as a joke by local conservatives. To earn Schram's condemnation is a badge of honor, much like spray-painting your name on an overpass or skateboarding across Old Man Johnson's front yard.

And since Ken has been angling for the position of Seattle's Curmudgeonly Old Coot (once held by the likes of Emmett Watson and KIRO's Lou Guzzo) tying a can to the tail the "Commentator" is worth any price.

Curiously, when first announcing the creation of the Schrammie Award back in June of 2006, Schram toyed with the idea of giving the inaugural award to Eyman. But he backed off because, in his words "I figure he's so money hungry, he'd just put my bobble-headed self up for sale on eBay".


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