Ay, Chihuahua!

Today marks the release of an incredibly important DVD: Beverly Hills Chihuahua ($29.99, Buena Vista.) It's the story of a high-maintenance Chihuahua from the 90210 that gets lost in Mexico and ends up discovering her true origins. I'll fess up right now: I actually paid to see this shit in the theater. Not only that, but I called the movie theater ahead of time to ask if I could bring my Chihuahua with me. (They said no, service animals only.)

But now, Pinky will finally get to see all her pint-sized look-alikes in action! My girlfriend has a half-Chihuahua named Doxie, and the four of us have big plans for tonight. We're going to take the Chi-babies to the park and then sit them down to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

...Sometimes, it becomes blindingly obvious to me why I'm single.

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