Anybody Else See the Guy in the Call-Girl-Ad-Covered Jacket on the 54 Bus This Morning?

Here's one for the files, seen on the 54 bus from West Seattle to downtown this morning by reader Tony: A scraggly-bearded white man in his mid-20s wearing a jacket whose exterior consisted entirely of call girl ads. "Every inch of the jacket was covered," said Tony. "All the call girls appeared to be of Asian descent, and there were Asian characters in many of the ads." On some of the pictures, the nudity had been blocked out, but on others it remained.

"He sat in the back of the bus and he was very interested in the goings-on of the shipyards. At one point, he actually got out of his seat and leaned over some other people to go look at them, which was awkward." In doing so, "he turned his back towards me, which gave me a chance to get a really good look at his jacket."

The guy disembarked at 2nd and Seneca.

Said Tony, "I don't expect to see a jacket like that again."

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