Annals of Civil Disobedience

Since our state passed a law last year banning the use of cell phones while driving, I haven't noticed too many infractions. That's because I don't drive that much, and almost never during rush hour. Last night, however, I had an excellent perspective on our civic (non) compliance. I was stuck on a Metro bus in the express lanes as traffic crawled from the Ship Canal Bridge to Northgate, owing to a stall or fender-bender around 80th Street. Peering down from the bus window at drivers, I'd estimate that one-third were on the phone. And further that one in a dozen was texting or otherwise checking email. Color me surprised? I guess I shouldn't be.

And, related: I rarely ride the bus. A few years ago, it seemed like cell phones rang on Metro more obnoxiously but less frequently. And that bus riders hadn't yet learned to modulate their voices while speaking on the phone. Now, and correct me if I'm wrong, it seems like most Metro riders have learned to set their phones on low ringer volume, and to contain their voices more politely. Or maybe the No. 41 simply attracts riders with better manners.

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