AG to MyLoveCrush: This Isn't Working Out

Admit it, we've all been tempted to find out who when we see that little ad in our Facebook account declaring you have "1 new LuvCrush." State AG Rob McKenna went ahead and clicked it (or someone in his office did after receiving complaints) and discovered no one on the other end. Last November, Tatto, the company behind "MyLoveCrush" agreed to change their ads.

But they didn't actually stop using what the AG's office calls "misleading come-ons." So today, McKenna announced that after violating the November agreement, Tatto will cough up a $500,000 fine.

"Tatto Media will pay for its broken hearts and broken promises," McKenna said in a press release. Maybe next McKenna will go after the assholes who stick their date with the check after "forgetting" their wallets.

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