A Wiki Plan for the P-I

The Post-Post-Intelligencer wiki - the Web site we wrote about last week, devoted in part to reimaging an electronic P-I - has gotten its first considerable suggestion, one long talked about by P-I columnist Art Thiel and others: a community supported venture a la the Green Bay Packers, the only NFL team owned by its fans.

"Should the Seattle Post-Intelligencer close," goes the proposal, in part a pitch for donations, "we intend to begin a news website to fill the void left in our community. We hope that the Hearst Corporation will start a online-only P-I that performs the important role the newspaper has played in this community, but we stand ready to continue our work for the public interest....We would immediately ask the community what sort of journalism it wants in Seattle, and to support it initially through donations to our non-profit entity, the Seattle PostGlobe. In the interim, at least 20 journalists are prepared to work as volunteers until funding is raised."

The site could launch with an unpaid staff for two months, supporters say, as they try to raise at least $250,000 to progress further. But the idea is up against the clock - a possible P-I closure in mid-March - and it seems more likely now that Hearst is going to continue the online P-I anyway. But join in, the discussion has begun.

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