Saturday's loss to Purdue was a bummer, though for all their heart, this year's Dawgs didn't quite have the talent to run with the nation's


A YouTube Glimpse at Next Year's Huskies

Saturday's loss to Purdue was a bummer, though for all their heart, this year's Dawgs didn't quite have the talent to run with the nation's elite.

Next year may be different, however. The talented Quincy Pondexter has regained his confidence and improved his game to the point where an NBA career once again appears to be a possibility. And while the team loses toughness and leadership in Jon Brockman and Justin Dentmon, it gains a whole lot of flash with its incoming class, ranked 15th in the nation.

So what better way for devout Dawg fans/hoop dorks to console ourselves than to watch YouTube highlights of next year's stars?

The crown jewel of next year's freshman class is Bellarmine Prep's Abdul Gaddy, who was recently profiled on ESPN. A year young for his grade, Gaddy dominates less via strength and explosiveness than through court sense, quickness, and skill. (Being a year young also means he won't get to turn pro until after his sophomore year, which is bad for Abdul but good for Husky fans.)

Gaddy's expected to be the starting point guard right away, moving Isaiah Thomas to the 2 and allowing Venoy Overton to continue to wreak havoc off the bench. The video below provides a pretty comprehensive look at Gaddy's skills--his passing is outstanding, but most eye-popping are the And-1 Tour-caliber handles in section 2:

He'll have a very capable alley-oop finisher in Clarence Trent if Trent displays the maturity to earn minutes. As you can see in the video below, at 6'7" and 230 lbs, he has the body and athleticism of an NBA player. Nevertheless, according to ESPN:

Trent has a tendency to become his own worst enemy on the court, allowing his emotions to get the best of him when he cannot get out in transition. It seems that easy baskets and dunks fuel Trent's play and when he does not get those, he has a tendency to get frustrated.

Joining the backcourt backlog will be C.J. Wilcox, a lanky gunner from Pleasant Grove, Utah who remained largely under the recruiting radar. Wilcox is known for his outside shooting--he hits some NBA threes in the video below (made by his dad)--but can also touch 11'6" from a standing vertical jump.

Wilcox will likely battle Scott Suggs for minutes. Suggs was a freshman this year, but got little playing time. Nevertheless, he says he's sticking around. He has a lot of work to do if he's ever going to live up to his very slickly produced YouTube video, which compares him to Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russell:

Finally, another high-flyer who was grounded this year is Tyreese Breshers. The freshman redshirted because of a shin injury, but should be good to go next year. Though he's only 6'7", he has length, hops, and--as you can see from the video below--girth to play the post. Let's hope Romar's mile test has him looking a little slimmer next year:

UW has one more recruit coming in next year--6'9" junior college player Charles Garcia, Jr. He was lightly recruited--though apparently USC and Tennessee showed some interest--and nobody's seen fit to put him on YouTube, so we have no idea what his game looks like. Nevertheless, we can dream.

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