Zune Will Save Us All

Over at TechFlash, Todd Bishop says that MSFT is importing some key executives from its Zune division to help the guys in Windows Mobile. The latter application is used on some, but not very many, smartphones. Motorola is one client for the software. But that's a brand in decline. Now we've already speculated about MSFT's possible in-house smartphone plans.

Now, Bishop, too is feeling the rumors. He asks, "Is Microsoft working on an iPhone competitor? Is this part of the company's plan to extend Zune capabilities to Windows Mobile and other devices?"

Dude, that is exactly the kind of rampant, semi-informed speculation that we love. It makes the Web go round. It gets clicks. But here's the key question to answer: If Zune and WiMo somehow get combined into a magical new super smartphone (possibly under the codename "Project Pink"), where would that leave poor Zune Guy? Would he have to get a whole new tattoo?

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