Why Signing Griffey Makes Sense

Does it make sense for the Mariners to sign Ken Griffey Jr. to a one-year contract that would presumably mark his farewell season? No and yes. Granted, it makes very little baseball sense for a rebuilding team to waste money and playing time on a past-his-prime slugger who will steal innings away from a developing player who might actually have a long-term future with the franchise. Then again, from a short-term business standpoint, it makes nothing but sense. The Mariners are highly unlikely to be anywhere near playoff contention this year, which will likely put a dent in attendance figures (coupled with the recession, that dent could be pretty significant). Enter Griffey, who would put fannies in seats that otherwise wouldn't be there, and whose signing would be a public relations masterstroke. Whether you consider signing him to be worth it -- and we'll have to wait and see how much his deal is worth if the M's pull the trigger -- probably depends on what sort of monetary value you assign to such a masterstroke.

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