When Will Sightline Calculate the Economic Toll of Sound Transit?

Sightline, the progressive environmental think tank, has come out with a Scorecard today--and you are doing very very badly. In fact, you got "a failing grade" on energy. Each of you spent, on average, around $2,500 on fossil fuels in 2008.

"Fossil fuels took an unprecedented bite out of the region's economy last year," says Sightline. "And because we import virtually all of our fuels, just about every dollar spent on fossil fuels means one less dollar spent locally."

But looked at that way, we should probably be getting a failing grade for our public transit policies as well. Believe it or not, those light rail trains are not made by Fremont artisans. We're buying them from Osaka, Japan, at a cost of $125 million. That's a $65 bite out of the local economy for every resident of King County!

(Full disclosure: Sightline Communications Director Elisa Murray is a dear friend of mine and possibly still will be after this post.)

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