The Emerging eP-I: Ideas, Anyone?

Former Seattle Weekly and Crosscut editor Chuck Taylor, (left) has launched a new website that invites visitors to help re-imagine the P-I's web paper and how it might best serve readers. "This could land with a thud, of course, but what the hell," he says of his "Seattle Post-Post-Intelligencer" wiki, created in anticipation of the looming mid-March ending of the P-I print edition and likely reinvention of a 24-hour eP-I. "I stole this idea from a similar effort in San Francisco, which John Cook wrote about [yesterday] at TechFlash," says Taylor. "The Seattle Post-Post-Intelligencer could be the beginning of a business plan for such a site, or it could merely be a good place to mull the challenges and solutions to promoting good professional and amateur journalism in metropolitan Seattle."

Can efforts such as this go far towards saving newspapers, at least online? TechFlash's Cook, a former P-I columnist, wondered about that in his piece. He said he was recently chatting with Newsgarden founder and former Tacoma News Tribune new media guru Mark Briggs about efforts to preserve online-j. "We agreed that the key doesn't reside so much in the brains of newspaper editors and reporters, though they certainly need to be a part of the process. It really comes down to developers and business people. Like San Francisco, Seattle is crawling with talent in those areas. Will a group emerge to tackle the opportunity?"

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