Sims Twitters From the Future


After getting away from the handlers that put a stop to the awesome and occasionally bizarre posts from the DNC, Sims is back to chronicling his every disjointed thought.

Day 1:

"Just saw Carter, his love of peace is so inspirational. Had pancakes in Georgetown this morning, cobblestone is hard to walk on."

"First meeting with HUD staff, I explained my vision for the environment."

Day 2:

"The distance between Cap. Hill and the Lincoln Memorial is much farther than you'd think. I sat at the great leader's feet and fed ducks in the pond."

"Obama in town! The whole city is buzzing with his amazing energy!"

Day 3:

"Finally found a house in Maryland, whew."

Day 4:

"Section eight housing is really important. Planning to tackle greenhouse gases at afternoon meeting."

Day 5:

"Just paid $12 for a martini! But first power lunch is going great, turns out Jim Clyburn and I both secretly love Papa John's pizza!"

"Very exhausted, can't wait for next week!"

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