Seattle Council Race Getting Crowded

Council Member Richard McIver will have to fight for his seat come November. Jordan Royer, son of former mayor Charles Royer, officially announced his intention to run against him. Royer's entry brings the total number of candidates to 14, though many have yet to announce which seat they'll seek.

Royer is among a group of younger candidates hoping to unseat several of the more established council members. But he might have to fight for his spot among these anti-establishmentarians.

In an interview with Aimee Curl at Crosscut, Michael O'Brien--environmental activist and RTID opponent--mentioned forming alliances between himself and other young, green council hopefuls. O'Brien told Curl he had been having conversations with candidates Jessie Israel, David Miller, Sally Bagshaw, and Robert Rosencrantz.

In a phone interview last week, Israel said she's been talking informally about mutual goals with Royer as well, which brings the number of names being tossed around for possible alliances to six. Since there are only four seats up in November, I propose we do a survivor-style game for a final slate.

Challenge one: invent totally environmentally friendly deicer before the next snowfall.

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