Save-The-P-I Drive Wanes

Do just 110 names affixed to the "Save the Seattle P-I" online petition indicate that saving the P-I is a failure, or the petition is a failure? Maybe both. Only one person has signed in the past three days and most signed in a flurry three weeks back. They total only half the number of signatures (226) garnered by "Desperate Housewives Should Not Be Banned!," but at least that's more than the 88 who signed up to "Make Ontario Sex Offender Registry Public."

A shadowy purchase effort continues, involving P-I staffers and community activists hoping to collar investors and buy the P-I as as a for-profit or against-profit entity. But that's unlikely to succeed by the mid-March sales deadline, supporters say now. Several P-I writers yesterday said they firmly believe there will be life as an online paper. The mystery is who will staff it, they added, fondling their resumes.

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