Reliable Ol' Jimbo

There are some local figures whose reliability is a source of comfort. It feels good to know that Nate Robinson will send a shout-out to the 206 when the camera goes in for a close-up, Pat Cashman will live up to his name and remain a presence in our lives by signing an endorsement deal with Taco Time, and Seattle rep-for-life Jim McDermott will continue to carry the weight for liberals everywhere by doing things like introducing universal health care legislation.

Yesterday, McDermott officially introduced the House Bill 1200, or the American Health Security Act. Notable co-sponsors include Bremerton's own Norm Dicks and, of course, Dennis Kucinich. Under the bill, says McDermott's press release:

[E]ach State would establish and manage the oversight of its own health care plan starting from a floor of basic health care benefits that would be established by the federal government. Every American would be covered under McDermott's plan and the federal government would act as a single payer, eliminating waste and channeling dollars to their intended purpose of health care service delivery.

We'd do our best Lavarr Burton and tell you you don't have to take our word for it, but the pdf of the bill is apparently too large a file for the blog. So until the Library of Congress uploads it, you'll have to miss out on the 113 pages of light reading with 18th century font and formatting. (It's like Tristram Shandy, but less fun).

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