New City Council Candidate Is Former Kerlikowske Adversary

Gil Kerlikowske's been in the news quite a bit lately for his move on up to the position of Drug Czar in DC. Now it appears that one of his former adversaries may be looking to ascend as well.

Seattle lawyer Pete Holmes announced his candidacy for City Council today. Under Holmes' chairmanship, the Seattle Police Department's Office of Professional Accountability Review Board released a report that was highly critical of Kerlikowske's handling of a drug bust investigation, contending that Kerlikowske took "extraordinary measures" to protect the officers, whose reports didn't match video of the incident and whose credibility problems led to the dismissal of other cases.

Kerlikowske and Greg Nickels accused Holmes of playing politics. Now it appears Holmes actually will be playing politics, running for one of the four available council seats (he hasn't said which) on a platform of increased government transparency and accountability, with a sharp, anti-Nickels tone. Press release announcing his candidacy after the jump:

Pete Holmes to Run for Seattle City Council

Seattle, WA. Pete Holmes has formally filed as a candidate for Seattle City Council. Presently Of Counsel to Seattle's Crocker Kuno PLLC bankruptcy law firm, Mr. Holmes is the former chair of the Seattle Police Department's Office of Professional Accountability Review Board (OPARB). He earned his undergraduate degree at Yale University and his law degree at the University of Virginia. Mr. Holmes has resided in the Lakewood/Seward Park neighborhood for more than two decades with his wife and fellow lawyer, Ann Holmes. The couple's two children presently attend Yale.

Mr. Holmes will target one of the four City Council seats up for election in 2009, noting that "President Obama brings us hope in the midst of economic crisis, but warned in his Inaugural Address that 'those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day.' I am troubled by an obfuscating City Government that is more focused on shuttering schools and building jails than ensuring the availability of affordable housing and family-wage jobs."

"We need to restore the voice of regular citizens at City Hall. I vow to bring transparency and accountability to the City Council, insisting that it serve as more than a rubber stamp for a Mayor who acts in his own political interests rather than what's best for Seattle," said Mr. Holmes. "I look forward to serving all Seattle citizens."

Mr. Holmes labored for over six years on OPARB's inaugural 3-member panel to increase SPD accountability and transparency to citizens for police misconduct. The Office of Professional Accountability was created by City Council in 1999 and has three parts: A civilian director (who reports to the chief of police); an independent auditor (appointed by the mayor); and OPARB (a citizen review board), established in May 2002. Last fall, OPARB was increased from three to seven members appointed by the City Council.

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