Microsoft's New Weapon Against Apple

Why even bother hiring an advertising firm, when reality is so much better? As Microsoft ramps up its efforts in the smartphone wars against Apple's iPhone, this news just came in from the English-language site of Al Jazeera. Reporter Hamish Macdonald, undoubtedly a very brave man, is wandering around Afghanistan where, as we know, the Taliban is active and resurgent. He's talking to a supposedly ex-Taliban dude, Mullah Zaif, who tells him, "I'm addicted. The internet is great on this, very fast." Yes, Redmond executives, he is talking about the iPhone! And if you don't believe me, see the photo after the jump. For once, Microsoft really is on the side of freedom! Which gives the company its greatest ad slogans ever: Apple, the official phone of terrorists. And: Why does Apple hate America so much?


Credit and copyright: Al Jazeera Net

Do you suppose he's downloading bomb-making software from the App Store?

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