Local Toker: Mexican Bud Will Be Consumed by "Hookers, Teenagers, and Out-of-Towners"

Tequila bong.

Mexico's murderous drug cartels have supposedly made the trip up I-5 to grow and sell ganja in Washington state. In yesterday's post, several commenters offered their willingness to pay extra to know their weed was violence-free.

For more, we checked in with a voracious, discriminating, and opinionated local consumer of the sticky. His thoughts:

"Mexican Mary Jane has actually been on my mind. The thing is, the I-5

corrdor is basically an express lane from Mexico, and after hearing all

the Juarez stuff in the news, I was expecting that to affect us

here...It seems like there is an abundance [of product on the local

market lately]. I was thinking that was more due to people cutting back

[on their consumption] to save money. But this does tie in.

The thing is, dopers in the Pacific Northwest are very picky and

spoiled, and [the cartels] will have to come with some good stuff to


One thing people never think of is our pioneer spirit here. Washington State is the last bastion of the westward Manifest Destiny, and our area is rife with go-getters do-it-yourselfers and self-made people. (Not to mention highly educated.) So what is in my opinion the bigger market is the home-grown green thumbs, boutique ganja.

California has [grow-your-own practices] down to a science. Seattle is a mixture of BC Bud and homegrown. Contrast that with, say, Arizona, where they just wait for the runners to cross the border...In Cali they have mom and pOp operations that have been around for over 10 years. Each house has a unique flavor...But along with that is a tight circle that's hard to penetrate without good friendships and a certain professionalism. Meaning not just any yahoo can get the goods. This Mexican mafia crap will be consumed by hookers, teenagers, and out-of-towners

In summary, the Mexican invasion is not a good thing because of the violence associated with it. The custom ganja is made with love and the social folkway is to be all about peace and love and community."

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