Know Your Huskies (Before They Leave)

The P-I's Dan Raley performs a public service for casual Husky hoop fans with this assessment of each player's performance this year and prospects going forward. We think he's a little stingy toward Venoy Overton, who deserves much praise for harassing opposing ballhandlers, but Raley's most noteworthy offering may have been his speculation that Scott Suggs may transfer.

Suggs came to town with the best YouTube video of any recruit but has yet to earn minutes, and appears buried in a depth chart that won't get any shallower next year with the arrival of Bellarmine Prep star Abdul Gaddy. The Romar era has been marked by transfers--maybe not more than at your average hoop powerhouse, but it always seems a little weird to hear Romar say that "these things work themselves out" when he's signed more players than he has spots for.

It's weird because Romar comes across as such a nice guy, yet the

comment indicates a "survival of the fittest" competition for

scholarship spots each year. Does he just tell these guys, "hey, you're

not gonna get to play," with the subtext that they ought to transfer? Being honest with players about their prospects is a good thing, but what does he do if they don't transfer?

In his plea for public funding for Husky stadium, UW President Mark

Emmert writes, "(u)niversity athletics are under the umbrella of the

broader academic

programs and mission of the university," and cautions us against

"weaken(ing) these ties and send(ing) the wrong

message about the interconnectedness of athletics and academics."

It's true that you can lose an academic scholarship by consistently failing or barely passing classes. But it's also true that the school doesn't revoke your scholarship just because someone who's smarter than you just came along. College sports are a strange beast.

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