Kindle Fever!

Kindle 2.0 is koming! As predicted, next Monday morning in New York, Jeff Bezos will unveil the second generation of the popular digital download device. Gizmodo says the press conference, which it will live-blog, begins at one o'clock our time, and predicts Bezos will announce some features that put K2 in competition with the iPhone. Meanwhile The New York Times reports that Amazon will make some of its Kindle library (230,000 titles and growing) available to some smartphones. And in the same report, the Times says that Google's digital trove of 1.5 million public-domain titles will also begin flowing to your smartphone. This includes, of course, T-Mobile's G1, which runs on Google's Android platform. I can't wait to start reading War and Peace on my one-square-inch Nokia screen (or maybe it's time to upgrade my phone). Bigger photo after the jump.

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