Atlanta Paper: Ken Griffey Jr. To Sign with Braves

Today is supposedly the day when the remains of Ken Griffey Jr. will decide between signing with the Atlanta Braves or the Seattle Mariners. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution is reporting that it's a done deal that he's headed over there.

We think there's more than a little delusion involved in the competition for this 39-year-old who can't hit left-handed pitching and no longer has the range to cover the inside of a phone booth.

But this takes the cake: "With Atlanta, Griffey will have a chance to play outfield as part of a left-field platoon with Matt Diaz, with some time possibly in center field."

You can have him, Braves. The 90s were fun and Griffey was amazing, but when we need a dose of nostalgia, we can just turn on TBS. You'll have to live with the guy.

Update: Griffey denies the rumors.

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