Just to Remind You of Our Slumdog Love

The big weekend winner at the Oscars is playing in these theaters. Here's our original review. And an interview with director Danny Boyle (pictured). Jai Ho, indeed.

But here's a bit of perspective. While we art-house movie lovers were gathered around our TV sets on Sunday, the weekend's biggest new movie was Madea Goes to Jail, which grossed $42 million. That's almost half Slumdog's $98 million to date, earned over fifteen weeks. This year's biggest hit to date is Paul Blart: Mall Cop at $121 million (all figures cited are from Variety). The Wrestler and Milk have only earned pocket change, at $21 and $28 million, respectively. And, finally, though not nominated as Best Picture, The Dark Knight racked up $530 million last year. Which sounds even more impressive when calculated in rupees.

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