Joel McHale Talks Reality TV, Sonics with Sports Guy

Mercer Island native and The Soup host Joel McHale is on Bill Simmons' podcast today. (Listen on Simmons' page or download.)

The two discuss the evolution of McHale's show (from daily to weekly, from a focus on talk-shows to a focus on reality-shows), McHale's stint as a walk-on with the UW football team, his upcoming movie with Matt Damon, the worst reality shows ever (The Dina Lohan Show, Big Brother, and Britney and Kevin all receive votes), great moments in reality TV (Bobby Brown saying he's dug "doodie bubbles" out of Whitney Houston's butt), and the Sonics' move (McHale blames Schultz and Stern, but says lay off OKC). It's an entertaining listen.

Also, check out this interview of McHale by SW's Suzie Rugh. And an amusing note: If Bill Simmons uses the words Oklahoma City or Thunder on his broadcast, he has his producer bleep them out, out of respect for the city of Seattle. Thanks to Dan for the tip.

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