In the Spring a Man's Fancy Turns To... Corrections

(Photo by Peter Mumford)

...and we have a couple in our Spring Arts Guide this week.

In Sandi's piece about Maureen Whiting's new show, The Myth of Me and You, we misattributed the extremely cool costumes (seen above, and on our cover) to Whiting's longtime scene designer Etta Lilienthal. In fact, they were created by Helga Hizer. Sorry Helga!

Also, in John Longenbaugh's piece about Braden Abraham and Ed Hawkins, we said that Hawkins co-directed Annex's early-90s production of The Women with Allison Narver, and that the show's cast was all-male. In fact, Hawkins tells us, he was associate director on the production under Andrea Allen, not Narver, in the summer of 1994, and co-director when Annex revived the show later that year. And half the cast were real women. (Apparently the drag act was so convincing that John was fooled.)

In response to these errors, we are killing John's column and sentencing him to 24 straight evenings of watching Hello, Dolly. With Sandi we'll let it slide because she just about never gets anything wrong.

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