Has This Year's Justin Dentmon Become the Best Shooter in Husky History?

Husky hoop fans spent the last two years lamenting, among other things, Justin Dentmon's poor shot selection and decision-making. It got so bad that, just before this season, former SW fellow Keegan Hamilton coined the term, "Dentmoan", which he defined as "whenever the unreliable Justin Dentmon turns the ball over or attempts a three pointer".

What a difference a year makes.

We hope Keegan got to watch from St. Louis last night, when Dentmon hit 7 of 10 three-point attempts, including a contested 27-footer, in the Huskies' first-place-grabbing 79-60 win over Oregon St. This brings his three-point shooting percentage up to nearly 47%. The frequency and flippancy with which Dentmon now drains deep threes is nothing short of exhilarating.

Husky fans have never seen anything like this. Ryan Appleby hit a lot of long three-pointers, but he never made it look easy, what with his hamster-like scrambles to get open and his Buttonesque combination of adolescent vibe and receding hairline. Nor was his 3-point shooting percentage as high as Dentmon's this year.

In fact, we couldn't find any Husky who has taken a significant number of three-pointers and shot better than 2008-2009 Justin Dentmon. Not Appleby, not Tre Simmons, not Deon Luton, not Nate Robinson, and not the underrated (as a three-point shooter) Brandon Roy.

What's more, we couldn't find any Husky perimeter player who has taken a significant number of shots and averaged more points per shot than Dentmon has this year. Keep up the good work, JD.

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