Executive Constantine Does Sound Rather Regal, No?

From a conversation with Dow Constantine last night:

DW: "Are you running for executive?"

Constantine: "My job as KC Council chair right now is to ensure that we have a fair open and extremely effective appointment process."

Constantine added that people have approached him about taking over the top spot, but for now he's just focusing on doing the aforementioned job of coming up with an appointment process. (Constantine told DW we can pick Sims' replacement for the low, low price of Mike Seely's Volvo and a couple DVD box sets. It's no vacant Senate seat after all.)

"I would like someone who has experience in local or state government who has shown the ability to manage a lot of people, to work in a political environment and to craft policy," he says. "There is no time for on-the-job training."

So in answer to the original question, is all that a yes?

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