Ex-Chief Comes to Phelps' Bong Defense

Former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper does a bong hit of sorts for Olympic medalist Michael Phelps in a piece on Huffington Post. Stamper tells a South Carolina sheriff he's wrong to believe the law demands he arrest Phelps on a drug violation. The sheriff's state law says law enforcement "may," not "must," arrest violators, Stamper notes. That's pretty much the deal everywhere.

"Cops," writes Stamper, "understand that without the discretion granted them in law they'd be paralyzed, unable to do their jobs. Unable to make intelligent decisions about who gets a ticket and who doesn't, who goes to jail and who gets a pass." Stamper says it's "drug war mentality" creating all the fuss about the Olympian and his snapshot hit. "You and I both know there are far more important cases law enforcement should be pursuing," says Stamper. "I'm an active member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I invite you, Sheriff, to visit our website and to consider joining us. As you'll see, we make a serious and sober argument, along with millions of other Americans, for ending the drug war."

Update: Eight arrests so far.

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