David Pogue Hearts Jeff Bezos

The New York Times has had a chance to play with Amazon's new Kindle e-reader device, version 2.0, and it's fair to say that personal technology writer David Pogue is now officially in love with Jeff Bezos. Pogue's NYT headline is "The Kindle: Good Before, Better Now," as he reviews the gizmo. The Kindle now holds about 1,500 books, though Pogue says that when you select Amazon's read-to-me feature, the narrator sounds Norwegian. (Ergo, you should download Knut Hamsun's Hunger.) And Kindle isn't only for books. Pogue writes, "You can have any of 30 newspapers, including this one, wirelessly beamed to your Kindle each morning ($10 to $14 a month)--minus ads, comics and crosswords." (Pogue, Will Shortz is so totally going to kick your ass for that.) The NYT is among the papers that Amazon has allowed onto its premium new device (priced at $359 per unit). So, too, The Seattle Times. But not the doomed Seattle P-I? And not Seattle Weekly? Wait, Jeff, call me! I take back everything I said before!

UPDATE: David Pogue himself objects to our ludic exaggeration of the nation's sweeping Kindle-mania; click on the comments below to read. It seems his original product review is not quite so gushy as we, tongue in cheek, suggested. (Though we linked to it above, thereby steering literally half-dozens and half-dozens of clicks to his paper's small, obscure Web site.) Moreover, Pogue seems to have some sort of trained helper monkey that surfs the Internet late at night to find instances of his name. Where could we get one of those tech-savvy simians? Perhaps on Amazon?

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