CSI, Fort Lewis

Three days after a civilian teen girl was found dead and a second girl sickened at Fort Lewis, the Army is still trying to get its story together. Of the five W's, the fort has released when and where. No victim name, what killed her, or why. Not even the Pierce County sheriff or medical examiner were alerted to the discovery of the body on Sunday. Just how closed-mouthed Army officials are, is reflected in this memorable paragraph in today's Seattle Times:

Fort Lewis was not prepared Monday to identify the type of barracks where the girls were found, [spokesperson John] Norgren said.

The Army didn't have much to say about a murder five years back either, when a soldier named Tom Stroh killed his wife and child on base and then committed suicide by driving into the path of a truck. After his death, investigators checked his Army home and concluded the wife and child had just gone elsewhere. It wasn't until days later, when personnel routinely arrived to clear out the home for use by another family, they found the two bodies stuffed in a closet.

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