Councilmember Jean Godden on Facebook's Distinguished Dames


The fastest growing demographic on Facebook over the last two months has been women over 55. Naturally, we checked in with city councilmember/longtime avid Facebooker/woman-over-55 Jean Godden. Her thoughts on why so many of her demographic cohorts have joined the 'book:

"It has a wonderful attraction in the fact that you can interface with so many people in such a short period time. Anyone can find that amazing. Another thing that's been amazing is that I've come into contact with people haven't talked to in years--long-lost friends."

Asked if Facebook would've helped her in her previous job as a city columnist for the Seattle Times, she says "Oh, gosh, yes! I would've mined that thing. You learn so many things about even people you know well."

Despite her social-networking savviness, Godden has yet to follow Ron Sims to Twitter. "I guess that'll be the new big thing," she says. "The fact that you limit yourself to just a brief sentence is kind of appealing. But I seem to keep wanting to add things."

SW's Laura Onstot on why women over 55 are joining Facebook: "They just want to spy on their kids."

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