Ballmer Demands Market Share!

Over at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft has several announcements designed to up its share of the valuable smartphone market. As the NYT reports, having 90 percent of the PC software market is not enough. (Besides, Windows is a mature product.) MSFT only has about 14 percent of mobile devices, but the roll-out of Windows Mobile 6.5 is supposed to change all that. As Gizmodo here adds, handset maker LG is embracing Win-Mo with a vengeance, promising to offer 50 new MSFT-equipped models. At the same time, Redmond plans to sell 20,000 apps on its Windows Marketplace, including phone apps (just like Apple does for its iPhone). What's the early word on Win-Mo's new touch-screen interface? Gizmodo says, "this one will make Windows users think twice before getting an iPhone or an Android phone."

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