Aubrey McClendon Continues Payment on His Eternal Karmic Debt

Aubrey McClendon helped bankroll Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, donated $1 million to an anti-gay marriage group, and, of course, helped Clay Bennett steal the Sonics. He has a lot to atone for.

Last year, the atonement began with his $1.92 billion loss on Chesapeake Energy stock margin call. This year, it continues as McClendon's darkening financial situation has reportedly led him to put his 9,000 bottle wine collection up for auction.

We hope you can't sell your wine, Mr. McClendon. We hope it's stored poorly and goes bad, and that, in a few years, crippled by an untreated case of syphilis, with your NBA franchise but a distant memory, you're reduced to drinking it in the back of an old church from which you're booted for a wedding ceremony between two men.

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