Amazon Embraces "Casual Gaming"


Will you call me, Pong? I thought our game meant something. here announces it entry into what's generally called the "casual gaming" market. (See our Jesse Froehling's excellent story here.) Its new Amazon Game Downloads store (currently a beta site) allows users to download games for between $6.99 or $9.99 a pop. Casual apparently means smaller, less comprehensive games that don't require a whole Xbox or PlayStation console. They're bigger apps than the ones you might download to your iPhone, perhaps suited to business travelers looking for time-wasters on their laptops, or families whose kids will soon tire of a cheap diversion (then demand something new). Current offerings are for PCs only. And the preliminary list of titles is pretty underwhelming. Turtix: Rescue Adventure, for example, features "dozens of unique enemies" and "60 engaging levels" for your warring animated turtle adventures. Sorry, but without cars to steal or pimps to shoot, we'll wait for Grand Theft: Turtle.

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