Why Not Toll Sidewalks?

Can tolls save this street?

The agreement to build a tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct will undoubtedly generate controversy, given voters overhwelming veto of that idea a couple years ago. But what sticks in my craw is not the tunnel itself but the idea of tolls to support it, which some legislators are supporting, according to The Seattle Times. I understand the economic and environmental rationales, but to me, charging you to drive across downtown is akin to demanding money to let you walk down the sidewalk. Hey wait a minute! Maybe that's the solution after all to getting sidewalks in all those parts of the city that don't have them. Sidewalk tolls. Nickels could be the sidewalk mayor, rather than the pothole mayor (which he hasn't been in a long time anyway). That's something I could get behind.

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