Village Voice Media's New Local Recommendation Engine Partnership


By Bill Jensen, Director of New Media, Village Voice Media

This week, Village Voice Media formalized its business partnership with the local recommendation website

Thanks to this new partnership, our online readers can now view fellow readers' recommendations of our cities' restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as view their photos and reviews.

At the bottom of each widget on our sites, readers are prompted to sign up for, which will be co-branded with each city's website. Once there, they can write recommendations and reviews about any establishment in their city.

Soon we will be launching events and concerts on LikeMe, so our readers will be able to tag which shows and events they are planning to attend, as well as post photos and reviews after the show. Village Voice Media has entered into a working partnership with LikeMe. Village Voice Media Holdings does not own a controlling interest in LikeMe, as was erroneously reported by some media outlets.

On a related note, Seattle Weekly and Village Voice Media would like to welcome our new public relations agency, Seattle's Stranger, which will be announcing each of our new web initiatives at the top of its homepage. The first announcement was the introduction of VVM's partnership with

As with any business/PR firm relationship, the first press release might contain some errors. The Stranger stated that a majority of the recommendations were posted by VVM staffers. Majority would mean more than half. I wish we had 2500 employees! But alas, majority is not the case. As with any new web product you create or partner with, you give it to your friends and family to test drive. The Stranger is well aware of this, as they have seeded their own online comments and their personals section for years. Now VVM is launching the product to public. This is user generated content. Anyone can go log on and start entering their recommendations, uploading photos, and writing reviews, either positive or negative.


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