Tony Wroten to Stay at Garfield...But Seattle School Spies Will Be Watching

High school hoop wunderkind Tony Wroten, Jr.--the top-ranked sophomore basketball player in the nation--will get to stay at Garfield High School after all. You may recall that the district hired an investigator to tail the family to prove that it lived in Renton. (Among the evidence cited in the investigator's reports: the dew marks on the family car in the morning.)

He had been kicked out of the district and then let back in via a court-granted injunction. His family and the district reached a settlement yesterday that stipulates that the family find its own place in the district--they're currently renting from a Seattle public schools employee, oddly enough--at which both of his parents will live.

The lesson? If you're a talented young basketball player with a future in the NBA, your family can't pay rent to live with someone else, and your parents have to live together. Remember--the school district is watching.

Finally, the folks at Hot Dog and Friends make a compelling case for why you should go watch Wroten play this year.

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