This May Be The Freakiest Crime Story of the Year

In what sounds like a nightmarish mash-up of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Single White Female, a dude named Oumar Lam is being accused of attempting to sacrifice his live-in girlfriend. From the P-I story:

According to police, Oumar Lam's 26-year-old girlfriend arrived at

their Queen Anne apartment Sunday to find him lying naked on a couch

near a candle-lit altar. The woman told police she was seated on a bed

when Lam attacked her from behind, pulling a pillowcase over her head

and attempting to suffocate her.

Lam then allegedly cut her throat and stabbed her repeatedly, all while chanting ""Die, die and go alone. You have to go by yourself."

Good thing we're looking to cut $31 million from the community mental health budget.

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