The Year in Bank Robberies: No One Robs Banks in Spokane

They won't catch me. I'm fucking innocent.

The FBI released its Washington state bank robbery statistics today, finding a continuation of the marked decline in bank robberies that began in 2007. The Bureau credits "strong partnerships between the FBI and local law enforcement and...the Seattle Division's bank robbery suppression program known as SafeCatch."

As you might expect, the biggest cities experienced the most robberies--with the exception of Spokane, which only had 3. By contrast, Everett, Tacoma, and Vancouver--all of which are smaller than the 'Kan--had 6, 10, and 15, respectively.

It's also worth nothing that 2008 was a year of particularly humorous bank robberies and robbery attempts, as chronicled by our own Laura Onstot. Will anyone repeat this guy's mistake? And will the Beaker Bandit strike again in '09?

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