The Colacurcio Probe

The talk is that Frank Colacurcio Sr., the aging stripper king, and his family and business associates are working some kind of deal to step away from the nude-dance business in return for not being indicted by the feds. Nobody will comment but that could resolve the ongoing probe into the Colacurcio's four-club empire, where "The business model at each of the four clubs is the same, the

promotion and facilitation of prostitution," the FBI says in court


A few days ago, the feds and Colacurcio - 92 in June - agreed to renew a court injunction that prevents the organization from selling off any of its dance-club properties, which the feds say they intend to seize one way or another. Most importantly - and not previously reported - the feds have handed over transcripts and tapes of the wiretaps that are behind the investigation. Colacurcio now clearly knows what the feds have on him.

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